Carving a History
Carving a History
Carving a History
Carving a History

Carving a History

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This comprehensive guide navigates the reader effortlessly through The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus Great Court .

Carving a History: a Guide to the Great Court is a major update and restructure of the existing publication A Guide to the Great Court, first produced by UQ's Media and Information Services (now Office of Marketing and Communications) and published by UQP in 1979, then revised and updated in 1992.

This updated guide is designed as an easily accessible reference and navigational tool for staff, students, or visitors to UQ, so they can easily discover the carvings in the Great Court and identify the date each was carved, as well as their history and meaning.

It also aims to explain in an easily accessible format what the Great Court carvings represent (several new carvings have been added since the book was last updated), and to provide a souvenir for visitors engaging with UQ.

Title: Carving a history: a guide to the Great Court

Author: The University of Queensland – Office of Marketing and Communications (with several expert contributors)

Publisher: The University of Queensland  Office of Marketing and Communications

Publication date: 17 October 2016

Format: 160pp 210 x 115mm full-colour text + 1pp 215x345mm full-colour concertina-fold-out map + 4pp 350gsm embossed cover section sewn booklet (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-74272-160-6

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