UQ Shop Sustainability

UQ Shop is a leader on campus stocking only premium quality apparel that adheres to ethical and sustainable production practices – and not just by our standards!

Producing eco-conscious garments that adhere to Slow Fashion principles, UQ Shop differentiates itself from run-of-the-mill apparel and instead brings you garments that are 100% Organic Earth Positive ®. We work closely with our suppliers to only produce what’s needed, meaning we reduce our waste and bring to you limited edition collections that you won’t find just anywhere.


What is Slow Fashion?

To understand Slow Fashion, you must first understand ‘Fast Fashion’.

Fast Fashion is a term coined for businesses which operate a fast paced supply chain often including a short production phase and an accelerated sell-through environment, as well as a short life cycle in regards to the garment they’re producing. That is, the garments you’re buying are designed to have a short life-cycle – prompting you to buy more items, more frequently.

In order for labels to sustain this business model, they also have to commit to higher quantities of the garment in order to benefit from economies of scale; however this often sees excess items that did not sell – resulting in waste which contributes to landfill. In addition to this, the consumer is also contributing to landfill, by often having to dispose of the inferior quality item sometimes even before its first birthday.

UQ Shop does not want to contribute to this. We also want you to remember your time at UQ for years to come, with a garment that will last.

Therefore we practice Slow Fashion principles including:

  • Never over-ordering quantities that do not match demand
    • Reducing the need for items to be sold quickly (in order to make way for new stock), subsequently eliminating the need to send anything to landfill or outlet stores.
  • We never produce low quality items
    • Eliminating the need for customers to throw out their damaged items after only a short life-cycle in the home. 

What are you garments made from?

All apparel & bags are made from organic or recycled fibres.

Swing tags use 100% recycled post-consumer waste where possible and soy-based inks.

Wooden items are sourced from sustainable foresting suppliers.